Client Status

Not Job Ready
Not Job Ready
Job Ready
Job Ready
In Work

Examples of Eligible Activities

Early Engagement Activity


Identification of Needs


Development of Action Plan

Barrier Removal and Confidence Building Activity






Specialist and non-traditional employability provision (eg debt, financial, homeless)


Vocational rehabilitation


Vocational activity


Job search advice


Work experience placement


Activities to raise awareness of enterprise and entrepreneurship


Accredited pre-employment training  for core skills (eg IT)


Employer Engagement and job matching activities


Training, mentoring and supporting men and women into occupations or sectors where their gender is under represented


Support to help employee retention, including upskilling/workforce development


Initiatives to encourage development of vocational skills among low-skilled and low-waged individuals




High level business and management skills


Training to support business start up (particularly for groups under-represented at managerial levels)


West Dunbartonshire Strategic Skills Pipeline

Projects in blue also have designated youth programmes – aged 16 – 29